A cylindrical drum shape surrounded by microneedles. The device creates superficial breaks in the skin when rolled upon it. It stimulates the growth of collagen fibres below the skin. Due to the protective function of the skin barrier and the big molecular size of ingredients used in skincare, approximately 99.7% of the applied or sprayed nutritive elements cannot pass through the stratum corner. which is the outmost layer of the skin, but remain on the skin and finally dissapear. Overall, only 0.3%of the applied nutritive elements can infiltrate into the skin. Therefore, to solve this problem and increase penetration, microneedle rollers are designed to create physical pathways through the skin to increase permeability and allow delivery of active ingredients.
  • Microneedling for the face £80.00
  • Microneedling for the face and neck £100.00
  • Microneedling for stretch marks £80.00
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